Gamer Killed While Trying to Sell PS4 on Craigslist


28yo Danny Zeitz better known by his gamer name, Phobos was shot and killed last Friday after a deal on CraigsList went awry.

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he night before and evening of the tragic event, Danny Zeitz had been spending time with his friends online playing games when he had mentioned he was going to step away and “be right back”; only he did not come back, rather something horrible took place.

Zeitz had met a couple, an unnamed girl aged 16 and a 20yo man named Nathaniel Vivian, to sell his PS4 console. What happened instead was that they tried to take the console from Zeitz, where the unnamed female shot Zeitz with a .25 caliber gun all while her 16 month old daughter was in the car she and Nathaniel Vivian arrived in.

At the current time, the underaged female shooter has not been named, but it has been reported that she will be tried as an adult.

Through a GoFundMe account found here, Danny Zeitz friends and family have raised over $22,100 for funeral costs with over 450 backers in just 5 days.

We do not usually write articles like this, but we felt that this one struck a little too close to home, and goes to show that extra precaution need be taken when meeting strangers, even if only for a moment. This is why we also recommend meeting in a public location, such as Starbucks or some place where people are present at all times.

Be safe everyone, and if you are like us, and you feel the pain from a fallen fellow gamer, be sure to donate to support Danny’s family.

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