First Look: Syfy’s 12 Monkeys


Syfy has ordered a full 13-episode season of 12 Monkeys, a new television series about a time traveler from a post-apocalyptic future, returning in hopes of stopping the disease that will eventually end most of humanity. The series is meant to act as a reinvention of the classic Terry Gilliam film from 1995 by the same title.

A trailer for the series has finally made its way to the internet.

Given how good the film is, expectations for this new project are definitely set high. This trailer doesn’t necessarily make the series look bad, but I can’t say that it looks like an improvement upon the source material either. I guess we’ll just have to wait until we see a few full episodes before truly judging it.

12 Monkeys stars Aaron Stanford (Nikita), Amanda Schull (Pretty Little Liars), Noah Bean (Nikita), and Kirk Acevedo (Law & Order: SVU) and premieres on Syfy in January 2015.

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