‘Dont Push Me’, the Simplest 2D Indie Fighting Game You’ve Never Heard Of… With Only Two Buttons

'Dont Push Me' is the simple indie competitive fighter you've probably not been looking for, but will be happy you've found.

We originally came across DPM on Reddit (we spend all of our time there, it seems), after the game’s creator Jacob Clayman (Jakeypoo, @JManoclay) posted about it.

The simplistic style caught our attention, but I think, for me, it was the black and white color and then the blinding flash of red destruction that sold me on Don’t Push Me.

It should work with any gamepads you plug into it, but if you’re using a keyboard the controls will display on screen and in the readme. Be sure to bring a friend :)

Pick up a copy of Don’t Push Me HERE for $1.00 USD. 

Two players face off one another in an attempt to slam each other into the death spikes that line the side walls. The only colors (technically shades) you will see here are black, white, and gray. That is until one of you is defeated, and the screen is covered in red. 

Geek Outpost is dedicated towards bringing you the news in the best ways we can. With this comes a commitment towards growing the community and working on giving indie devs the attention and praise they deserve. Making a game on your own is not always easy, and making one as equally simple as is fun as Don’t Push Me is even harder. This is why we wanted to bring attention to Clayman’s work, since we love this game and what he is working on doing with it now that it is starting to become more known.

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I’ve just updated the game to have a Vs. AI option and a menu for selection. I’ll be looking into online capabilities next

Clayman’s dedication to indie/retro gaming appears to be unlimited, as he’s also built a custom arcade cabinet for Don’t Push Me, which you can take a look at in the gallery he provided below:


Dont Push Me is fun and addicting, to simply put it. As of now, you can play with friends or against AI, but Cayman has assured us that he is looking into online capability, too. And when it does, that is likely when DPM will gain the traction it needs to be a cult gaming hit.




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