Deadpool VFX Test Footage Is back, IN HD!


UPDATE: Aug 4, 8:30am – Fox has once again asked us to remove the Test Footage. We will let you know once we find it again.


We reported last Wednesday that test footage had been leaked of the planned Deadpool spinoff film, starring Ryan Reynolds. Fox Studios was not overly fond of us posting the clip, and promptly made us take it down. The clip, which has since been re-released in HD, is now popping up on the interwebs all over the place. So, without further ado…


Or not…

While we do not know how long the video will be up, we can say that we are more excited than ever about the potential for a Deadpool film, and Ryan Reynolds is just the man for the job of playing “The Merc With a Mouth”. Though we do not have any info on when a film is set to be released, a script can be found online if you look hard enough, as it was also leaked. One bit of good news is that Ryan Reynolds himself has been quoted by sources saying that the Deadpool movie is just around the corner from being green-lit, so keep your fingers crossed that is the truth, but take it with a grain of salt.

Also, Coming Soon posted a photo of Reynolds in Mokap that we thought was cool. In case you did not notice, Wade Wilson bares a striking resemblance to Reynolds in the all-CGI clip. I mean, look at that jaw-line.



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