Avengers: Infinity War adds Cindy Moon, Silk a possibility?!

An interesting development could possibly see a new Spider-themed female hero joining the MCU.

If you recall during Spider-Man: Homecoming, a character by the name of ‘Cindy Moon’ was a member of Peter’s decathlon team. Her role may turn out to be far more important that a few short appearances throughout the film as just another student at Midtown. 

IMDB’s official Twitter account has the scoop.

As IMDB reports, Tiffany Espensen joins the cast of Avengers 4, an interesting choice considering her minor role in Homecoming as Cindy Moon. For those that may not know, in the reboot/relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man, Cindy Moon is revealed to have been bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker on the same day he was bitten. Unlike Peter, Cindy is unable to control her powers and is locked away from the public until she learns to control them and joins S.H.I.E.L.D. as ‘Silk’. 

Silk’s role in the relaunch is monumental, as she is instrumental in saving all Spider-themed heroes from every universe with the help of Peter Parker. 


While nothing has been confirmed beyond the above, Cindy Moon’s inclusion is beyond curious, and may prove to be key in future Spider-Man films, depending on the direction SONY and Marvel choose to go with it. Whether or not Cindy Moon will follow the relaunch story is anyone’s guess, considering that if she was bitten by a Spider, it would be highly unlikely it was at the same time as Peter since she was in distress as everyone else during the sequence in the Washington Monument. However, that doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility that she could have Spider powers, although it could also be possible that she may get her powers later. Or, it could be something even more simple in that her appearance may be a minor reference to the events in Homecoming. regardless, as always, we will just have to wait and see. 


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