Animated Guardians of the Galaxy Series in the Works


Guardians of the Galaxy is very quickly becoming recognized by households worldwide, and the news of sequels, tie-ins, games, and toys doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. So, with all successful superhero franchises (and the movie has not even officially hit theater screens yet), Guardians of the Galaxy is now set to get its own animated series.

Over this past weekend during Marvel’s presentations panel, after they showed off a few new tidbits from various Ultimate Spider-Man animated story arcs, they surprised audiences with a teaser for an upcoming animated series.

While there is no additional information to share at the current time, it is likely that the animated series will be connected to some of the existing animated Marvel/Disney XD shows in some way.

Guardians of The Galaxy is set to hit theaters Friday, August 1, with a sequel already confirmed for 2017.


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