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Gamestop will be Closing 250+ Stores

Not great news for brick and mortar stores. [dropcap size=small]G[/dropcap]amestop has been one of the leaders in physical video game sales for years. Even though the industry trend had been moving towards more digital sales, ...

GameStop Now Accepting Apple Pay

GameStop senior vice president Jason Cochran claims that the company is all about making it “easier and more convenient” to shop in its retail locations.  [dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n an effort to accomplish that goal the video game ...

Arkham Knight DLC Leaked

Batman: Arkham Knight, the highly anticipated final chapter to the Batman: Arkham video game series won’t be released to gamers until 2015, but some of game’s pre-order DLCs have been revealed. Those who pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight through GameStop will also ...