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Destiny 2 Update! Official Destiny 2 Teaser

We have finally heard information from Bungie about Destiny 2 and its release date!            Fans have desperately been waiting to hear about news of Destiny 2 due to the originals “…lack of content” (James Plafke of ...

Destiny 2 Coming to PC, says Sources

A NeoGaf forum user shares inside details on the highly anticipated sequel to Bungie’s MMO FPS console title.  Kotaku is reporting that a user on the NeoGaf forums may have the lowdown on some interesting tidbits ...

‘Destiny 2’ Is in the Works

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t shouldn’t come as a surprise that Destiny already has a sequel in the works. It was revelaed on Tuesday that Activision’s shared-world sci-fi shooter has a hefty 9.5 million registered users, and that ...