March Madness to Geek Madness



With the NCAA and their upcoming major March Madness college basketball event, we thought we would take a unique approach to, shall we say, friendly competition. Only YOU decide who the winner is.


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]oday’s greatest and yesterday’s legends square off in a 64-character bracket in our first ever GEEK MADNESS event! Characters from comics, gaming, movies, and television will go head-to-head to determine who is the most popular in today’s pop culture.

And the best part? You get to decide!

That’s right! Use your Twitter account to vote from March 9th through April 6th and make your voice heard! @GeekOutpost will be tweeting up to 6 matchups per day, so be sure to check your feeds regularly to vote.

We’ve broken down characters into 4 brackets: Comics, Gaming, Movies, and Television. The GO staff spent hours arguing and debating to determine which characters were deemed worthy enough to enter. Take a look at how the bracket stacks up below. 



(Click to Enlarge) – Feel free to save and use this template if you wish to join in on the madness. 


For those of you who actually are interested in joining in, we will be giving out big prizes to those whose brackets match exactly, and lesser but still awesome prizes to those who come super close. Once March Madness for the NCAA kicks off, they will knock out 48 teams to get to their “Sweet Sixteen”, and it will be at this time that we introduce our “Super Sixteen”, where we begin to invite those interested to fill out and send us their brackets. 

Keep in mind, that we are not looking to see who is the most powerful among the list, or the smartest, or any real specific character traits. It’s honestly who you believe to be the most respected, beloved, and favorite character of all. Essentially, your passion and fandom are what fuel the participating heroes to the GO Mad Championship. Feel free to pick your favorites, or if you really want to go at it from the perspective of who is strongest, feel free. But remember, winners will get a prize at the end, so you want to play it smart. 

So who have you got? It’s your choice! Join us in an unprecedented social media event that will captivate the voice of all geeks! GEEK MADNESS – The ultimate geek bracket, for geeks, decided by geeks! It’s on!

Check our website daily for the updated bracket and related Geek Madness News!

Got a hot tip or feel like contacting us directly? Email us at

Marc is the Editor in Chief for Geek Outpost. If you have an inside scoop you want to share, hit him up @MarcTammer on Twitter or email him at He prefers Crocs for their style over their comfort.

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