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Dragon Ball Fortnite Collab Leaks Confirm 4 Different Skins, Possible Dragon Ball-Themed Battle Bus

Get a better look at the "Stamina Capsule" in the latest leaks expected to hit the island next month.

Dragon Ball Z Fortnite Collab Confirmed According to Credible Leaker

Looks like fans will be able to drop into the island as their favorite Dragon Ball characters after all.

Matthew McConaughey was Allegedly Almost Joel in HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Series

All right, all right, oh no...

A New Rumor Claims Yelena Belova will Appear in ‘Hawkeye’ as the next Black Widow

We all know by now Natasha Romanoff won't be carrying on the title of Black Widow following her untimely demise in Avengers: Endgame. But...

Jamie Lee Curtis Rumored to be a Part of The Mandalorian Season 2

No doubt trying to match or one up the smashing success of The Mandalorian's first season, it appears Lucasfilm might have gotten Halloween star...

Carlos Valdes, Cisco/Vibe on CW’s The Flash, Possibly Getting a ‘Soft Exit’ from the Series, Could Return in the Future

Carlos Valdes has been a series regular on CW's The Flash since it began as a spin-off from Arrow in 2014, but it may...

Saved By the Bell May Be Getting a Reboot/Sequel Series

A reboot of this series would be interesting twist in this generation! While most reboots that we have seen have come in the form of...

Marvel Developing New Comedy TV Series, Squirrel Girl also in the Works

The idea of Squirrel Girl getting her own show may seem nuts, but not to Marvel and ABC Studios. While Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment may...

Anime Series Review: One Punch Man

The popular manga turned popular anime series lives up to the hype and is worth every minute of your time.