PlayStation to get More Exclusives than Spider-Man in Upcoming Avengers game. F**k Sony

Exclusives keep making things worse for players who are outside the PlayStation ecosystems.

We reported earlier that Spider-Man would be a PlayStation Console exclusive in 2021, leaving PC and Xbox players out entirely in the upcoming Avengers game. Online communities were quick to express their displeasure at this news at both Sony and Square Enix with many claiming they will be boycotting this game (and any others who pursue this practice) as a means of revolting against the predatory direction that Sony is looking to take with the ongoing battle among the war of the consoles. Well, it turns out that Spider-Man is not the only content coming to PS Consoles as an exclusive…

Early Tuesday, another PlayStation Blog Post announced that there will also be a 30-day exclusive period for various Legendary cosmetics along with additional free rare cosmetics for each hero if you happen to be a PS Plus subscriber.

Those who read the news in online forums were quick to wonder why this game doesn’t just end up a PS exclusive since they are hacking away content for those that aren’t playing on the Sony console, and while we would express that less on Microsoft platforms is better than nothing, this sort of exclusivity is hurting the gaming industry and is far beyond being a problem that can be ignored any longer.

Pre-purchasers are claiming to cancel their orders or demand refunds and boycott the game entirely, which likely won’t hurt the bottom line for Sony, since players who were going to buy this game on PlayStation anyway will still do so considering the advantage, but other platforms could and likely will suffer from a smaller player base.

Others on Reddit have expressed that while they are disappointed in the decision for the exclusives, they weren’t all that interested in what many consider to be a medicore gameplay from Avengers, especially since it happens to be a live-service game that will undoubtedly be heavily focused on microtransactions.

“We arent getting a sequel to mankind divided for this dumster fire of a game,video game industry can go fuck itself with this live service bullshit games that drip feed content and offer advantage to certain platforms.” –Source

“I don’t get why people care about this game in the first place. Exclusivity aside, it’s a live service nightmare with flimsy-looking combat inside boring little arenas. Is the attraction down to the Marvel name? Because even then, the off-brand versions of all the characters just seem kind of weird and lame.” –Source

We have to agree with user King_Allant there a bit, in that this game never really seemed to shine in any of the gameplay shown off, and what was shown looked like a bunch of Skyrim mods to look like the Avengers. Perhaps one of the more recent examples of gameplay footage that left many feeling underwhelmed was that of Thor, as you can see here:

Greed is beginning to damage and tarnish franchises (see EA and Star Wars Battlefront, for example) and while many aren’t affected by this (such as those who were going to buy the game on PlayStation anyway or those who weren’t going to buy the game), chances are that there are a group of suits in a boardroom discussing a way to turn a game you will buy into a microtransaction slop fest. The problem that I see with this is that if I pay the same amount for a game as someone on another console, I should have access to all the same content (and before you claim that DLC is paid, the PS Blog already confirmed that Spidey would be a free DLC).

It has occurred to me recently that many game companies are desperately trying to find a way to release the most minimum viable product and to charge us top dollar for it. Fallout 76, Anthem, Destiny 2 (now New Light), Battlefront, and now Avengers will undoubtedly be joining the list of titles that have very little content, lots to grind for, and a lot of items to buy for extra money (many of which are cosmetic but are more than likely the best-looking cosmetics the game has to offer).

But it’s not just cosmetics, is it? For Destiny it was PS Exclusive weapons and Strikes, for Battlefront it was hundreds of dollars to play as Darth Vader and for Anthem and Fallout 76, it was uncompleted games being sold for top dollar while offering a live-service experience that didn’t really feel… alive. And now, Avengers is doing it not only with Spider-Man but other cosmetics as well. Sure, the latter of which is for 30 days, but Spider-Man appears to be a permanent exclusive with no word on whether or not the wall-crawler will ever come over to Microsoft platforms.

Live games as a service are garbage from the get-go. They are light on content, heavy on microtransactions, likely include a battle pass, and often cost as much as a premium game. And while Avengers doesn’t appear to be anything special to us (discount Avengers, is more like it), we can’t help but feel like things are only going to get worse for this generation of gamers. Thank god for CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077. And honestly, fuck you, Square Enix and Fuck you, Sony.

#FuckSony #FuckSquareEnix

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