The Next Legend of Zelda Title is Already in the Works

It should come as no surprise that Nintendo and partners are looking forward to an optimistic future for Hyrule in their next big entry in the series. 

An official artbook titled, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Works, has revealed that Zelda series producer and manager Eiji Aonuma have indeed begun diligently working on the next installment in the franchise. Whether or not it will be a direct sequel to the smash hit Breath of the Wild is not certain, but it should be noted that BotW is the title that followed Skyward Sword, so that should put in perspective how different Zelda titles can be. 

Eiji and his team have confirmed that the open-world titles of Zelda are not going anywhere, but smaller titles for Nintendo’s handheld devices like A Link Between Worlds would still be developed and produced, even for the Switch so it remains to be seen just what sort of Zelda title we can expect next. 


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