Xbox ‘Project Scorpio’ confirmed to be unveiled at E3 2017

Get ready to see Xbox’s latest console!

[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]icrosoft’s Project Scorpio has had many questions surrounding it since it was announced for release later this year and it looks like we are finally going to be getting some answers in the near future.

In a recent blog post on the Xbox website from boss Phil Spencer, he announced that Microsoft will be bringing Project Scorpio to E3. It is expected that it will be the centerpiece of their presentation this year at the annual gaming convention. The Xbox presentation is scheduled to begin on Sunday, June 11 at 2 PM PST (5 PM EST).

The Project Scorpio’s GPU is speculated as being 4.5 times as powerful as the current Xbox One and 1.5 times as powerful as the PS4 Pro. The Scorpio is also advertised as the world’s “first true 4K gaming console”. Some pictures of the developer kits for the Scorpio were released on the internet and give some hints as to what the Scorpio might look like. You can view them below.

Needless to say it will definitely be interesting to see the Project Scorpio in action at E3.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is scheduled to be released during the holiday season this year and the Microsoft Presentation at E3 will be on Sunday, June 11 at 2 PM PST (5 PM EST).


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