Villain + Red Ranger Revealed for Power Rangers Reboot

Finally some good news for Power Rangers fans, as two major characters are revealed to be in the upcoming movie.

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap] couple of months ago, the Power Rangers movie got delayed until 2017, and that was all we knew. Now, Heroic Hollywood has given us something to look forward to, by revealing the movie’s villain, and who the Red Ranger will be.

The villain is Rita Repulsa, the MMPR’s very first nemesis. She is described as:

‘A huntress. A striking, yet subtly alien-looking woman. She carries a metallic staff topped with a distinctive crescent shape. Advances with a soldier’s confidence, guided by some sort of compass… Her staff is actually a device of immense power. She points it at the ground. Heads emerge, built layer upon layer like 3-D printing, made from the earth itself… The staff’s technology grants her the ability to create humanoid figures, soulless and robotic.’


The Red Ranger will be fan-favorite Zordon, in an original take on a character more commonly known as a mentor to the Power Rangers:

‘Though alien, he looks like a man in his 50s. Sinewy and strong, as if carved from some root that refused to die. A being of integrity and iron will.’

Based on the character descriptions, it sounds as though we are going to get a gritty take on the Power Rangers franchise. It’s a risky move, given that the bright colors and straight-up campness of the Power Rangers is part of the reason the show is so likeable and easy to watch, but the film is doing all the right things by bringing back some of the series’ most popular characters. Whenever Zordon faces Rita Replusa, there can be no complaints here.

The Power Rangers movie is now scheduled for release on January 13th 2017.

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  1. You can’t do that. Zordon has to be the mentor if you want to please the fans. I will still watch the movie, but this movie isn’t good to be as good as expected. Change the Red Ranger to Jason or Tommy.