Tyrese Gibson is Still Pushing to Play Green Lantern

Classic Roman!

You have to give it to Tyrese. The guy never gives up.

Recently, Tyrese Gibson posted this picture on his Instagram account.

It’s time

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That’s the John Stewart skin for Green Lantern in Injustice 2. Does the photo mean Tyrese is excited to play this recently released fighting game?

No, he’s just campaigning to play Green Lantern again.

Back in 2015, Gibson was campaigning hard to play Green Lantern for the blossoming DC Extended Universe. This included a number of Instagram posts similar to the one above. He even posted one of him assumedly visiting Warner Bros. touting  the hashtag: #GreenLanternMission.

Obviously, the actor (best known for his roles in the Fast and Furious franchise, and…Transformers, I guess?) really wants to play John Stewart. Does this mean he will? Of course not. As with any DCEU story floating around the web, take any speculation with a grain of salt.

On that note, Warner Bros. may currently be in the process of searching for their other Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, with  Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, and Jake Gyllenhaal all apparently being considered. Time will tell if Tyrese gets his wish, and who will be playing the other well-known Lantern.

Green Lantern Corps hits theaters on July 24, 2020


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