Arrested Development Easter Egg in Infinity War Leak Brings Tobias Fünke to the MCU

The Russo Bros. have found another way to sneak in a referenced to their popular hit series. 

Fans may remember the Arrested Development easter egg seen in Civil War where the Bluth family stair car is seen on the tarmac during the big fight scene. 


Well, with the Russos heading up Infinity War, a leaked clip reveals a reference to one of the main cast, Tobias Fünke (played by David Cross) in the background among the Collector’s list of captured beings on display. 

As you can see from the tweet above, the likelihood that this is actually David Cross in character is slim at best, but the reference comes from an episode of Arrested Development where Tobias tried out for the Blue Man Group and dyed his skin blue. 

Just to be clear, the reveal in the image from the Twitter post is not something you would see in the trailer above, as it comes from a bit of leaked footage that has not been revealed to the public just yet. Likely, it wasn’t intended to be revealed until the movie’s official release next year. 

The easter egg is fun and quite silly, but for those that are fans of the Russo’s, this hidden gem of a reference is sure to delight. Whether or not this is the last reference to Arrested Development we see among the MCU is uncertain, but the Russo Bros are known for implementing cameos from actors who portrayed characters from their hit show Community, so we should expect to see more as long as the Russos are involved. 

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