Tekken 7: Engaging Story/Guest Characters

Story: Interaction Focus

          During previous generations of fighting games the focus was less on a compelling story.  I feel as though Arc System Works was one of the few game development teams that made story modes feel more like a key focal point of a fighting game.  The past two years has been a revolution in regards to the inclusion of a more dramatic experience in terms of story telling.  However, it seems as though Harada and his team plans to push the bar ever farther based on the E3 2016 trailer and the most recent trailer know as Rage and Sorrow.


The E3 trailer showcased more immersive design through in game cinematic scenes and split second quick time events to signify seamless, smooth transitions from cut-scene to gameplay.  The cut-scenes were breathtaking and the inclusion of quick time events will keep players on their toes.  The Rage and Sorrow trailer revealed some of the intense moments and emotion that you will find in this newly crafted story mode.  This 2017 trailer also showcased a preorder character that will be available for use at launch as long as you preorder the game.  The character is a vampire that goes by the name of Eliza.  This character is closely tied to a returning character known as Lily; however there is little information about Eliza’s background.  There is a lot of excitement for Tekken fans this year due to the fact that Tekken has been out of the spotlight for so many years.

Season Pass: Unexpected Entry

Many Tekken fans were concerned that paid DLC will become a commonality among the current roster of fighting games.  Harada has stated a few times before that he is not a fan of how DLC has been used over the past few years.  There was so much controversy over hacked data in games that revealed unfinished forms of content that people were later required to pay for weeks or months after release.  Harada never charged for characters, however he had to include some form of season pass in order to get additional resources from Bandai Namco to support the game for over a year.

One can assume that there might be returning characters making an appearance after the launch of Tekken 7.  Based on a reliable source, Harada made it clear that the returning cast of previous Tekken games will not be paid DLC.    The season pass will include some pretty interesting DLC that is designed to extend the life of the game with original content.  Guest characters is the major theme of the season pass.  We will actually see three characters from three different video game licenses.  There is also news that there will be free character panels available for players.  These character panels consists of special character art designs from artists across the globe; which can be used to customize the style of your favorite characters on the loading screen of the game.  Below is an outline of what the season pass will include for those who purchase it.

First Batch (Summer 2017)

  • New Game Mode
  • More than 50 New Costumes

  • One exclusive character from another video game license
  • Special stage and costumes for guest character
Third Batch (Spring 2018)

  • One exclusive character from another video game license
  • Special stage and costumes for guest character

Second Batch (Winter 2017)








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