Step Brothers 2 is the only Sequel Will Ferrell is Considering

Well that’s interesting!

Everyone has their favorite films that they wish could have a sequel. Step Brothers is one of those films that fans would like to see a sequel of. Apparently, Will Ferrell also agrees.

In a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Ferrell answered a multitude of questions from fans. One of those was what films he would want to make a sequel for. Ferrell said that for most of his singular films he wants to “just let ’em stand on their own”. However, he did say that a Step Brothers sequel could happen,”We talked a little bit about Step Brothers, so who knows… but at the same time, you like to create new things.”

 This isn’t the first time that a Step Brothers sequel has been brought up either. There was an internet rumor last March that Step Brothers 2 was confirmed, but this turned out to be false. There was also the interview with Step Brothers director Adam McKay last January where he said, “You know, never say never. Is it possible when they’re like 57/58-years old, we do a Step Brothers sequel? Maybe.”

Maybe we will get a Step Brothers 2 but until then we can just appreciate the masterpiece that is the original.


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