SONY May Finally Allow Players to Change their PSN Names

Hopefully this becomes reality!

Recently, Sony has sent out a survey to random PSN players, asking if users would be interested in a feature that would allow players to change their PSN gamertag.  An anonymous player sent out this screenshot of the email that Sony sent out:

Sony’s survey went on to explain how changing your PSN gamertag would work. The survey states that you would only be able to change your name once every six months and if you wanted to change your name back to an older gamertag, you would have to call customer service. Sony does highlight that they “can’t be sure whether this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard”.

Last year at PSX 2017, PlayStation chief Shawn Layden hinted at players being able to change their gamertag in the future. So seeing this survey come out is another step closer to seeing that feature become a reality. Even though the survey says that you would only be able to change your name once every six month, I’m sure there would be a pay-to-change option somewhere in this feature that Sony will add in. 

What do you think of a potential gamertag feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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