Mario Odyssey Producer Talks Mario’s Nipples & Toad Not Wearing a Hat

The age-old question of whether or not Toad is wearing a mushroom hat has finally been answered. Now maybe we can stop arguing about it. 

Super Mario Odyssey producer, Mr. Koizumi takes questions and sheds light on several things surrounding Mario’s complicated relationship with Peach, and whether or not Toad is wearing a hat. In the video above, they also discuss a bit about Mario’s… nipples. Apparently this warrants explanation after the famous Nintendo plumber is seen without a shirt in part of the game and thus created a very weird and unexpected outcry from fans and eventually turned into #Nipplegate. 

The video is worth the watch, and if you were holding out on picking up SMO, then maybe this video can be the extra nudge to help sway your decision. 

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