Russell Crowe Teases Cable Role in Deadpool 2

Cable, so hot right now. Cable. 

BREAKING NEWS: A middle-aged white actor is rumored to play Cable in Deadpool 2

One of the most persistent headlines of the last few months has been an actor teasing, wanting, or expressing interest in portraying Cable in the upcoming sequel. 

Seriously. Pierce Brosnan, Kyle Chandler, Liam Neeson, Dolph Lundgren, Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, and many more. 

Well let’s add another name to that list with Russell Crowe. 

This past week, the Gladiator star engaged in a series of tweets with Deadpool creator Rob Liefield about stemming from fan art of Crowe garbed as the mutant from the future. 

First, here’s the awesome fan art of Crowe as Cable. 

Here’s the conversation that followed.

To recap, Liefield is all for Crowe playing Cable, and he seems to agree, as the actor tweets the suggestion to Ryan Reynolds. 

We’ve got no problem with Crowe playing Cable, and at this point, we just want someone to be cast. 

PLEASE FOX! We’re tired of Cable articles. 


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