Game of Thrones Director Discusses the Show’s Timeline Problems

Are the new Ravens in Game of Thrones African or European?

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]his current season of Game of Thrones has been a roller coaster of emotions so far and this last weeks episode was definitely one that threw fans for a loop. In previous seasons it had taken Ravens several days to fly anywhere in the Western Kingdoms but in last nights episode, it seemed to take a mere few hours. Oh, and let’s not forget that Gendry apparently is a seasoned long-distance marathon runner and can run as fast as Usain Bolt. Due to these events, including others, the director of the episode, Alan Taylor, sat down with the Variety and admitted that Game of Thrones timeline is “getting a little hazy.”


In his interview Alan Taylor said, “We tried to hedge it a little bit with the eternal twilight up there north of The Wall. I think there was some effort to fudge the timeline a little bit by not declaring exactly how long we were there,” Taylor said it, “worked for some people, for other people it didn’t.” He admitted that fans “seemed to be very concerned about how fast a raven can fly” and he brought up “plausible impossibilities, which is what you try to achieve, rather than impossible plausibilities. So I think we were straining plausibility a little bit, but I hope the story’s momentum carries over some of that stuff.”

Overall, it was the show’s driving storyline that mattered most and with HBO refusing to give the show a larger budget the writers and directors have to make due with what they have. Alan Taylor touched on this issue by addressing the fan’s reactions saying, “it’s cool that the show is so important to so many people that it’s being scrutinized so thoroughly. If the show was struggling, I’d be worried about those concerns, but the show seems to be doing pretty well so it’s OK to have people with those concerns.” Thanks, Alan, we appreciated the thought. Maybe work on increasing the budget for us and if possible, hire a few female writers for the show? Thanks.


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