PlayStation 3 will End Production Soon in Japan

After almost 11 years of service, the PS3’s production is at an end. 

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]ccording to the official Japanese PlayStation website (via Gematsu), production of the PlayStation 3 is set to end. 

Games Talk spotted the news on PlayStation’s page for the latest 500GB model of the PS3 – which is the only one still in production in Japan. The page states that “shipments are scheduled to end soon”, indicating that the console will no longer be produced.  

So far there has been no official announcement made about when exactly production will end, but a Japanese Game store based in Kurume, Fukuoka sent out a tweet claiming it has apparently been informed that the PS3’s production will come to a close at the end of March. 

With the PS4 and the recent release of the PS4 Pro, it was only matter of time before the PS3’s production ceased. 

The PS3 was originally released over a decade ago in November 2006. Selling over 83.8 million units in its career since launch, the PS3 may not have enjoyed quite the same level of success as its two predecessors, but thanks to several very strong PlayStation exclusive game titles (The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 5), and the release of a slimmer model in 2009, the PlayStation 3 has had a good success story of its very own. 

Even if its production has ended, we’re sure the PS3 will live on for quite some time yet. 

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