Original MMPR TV Series is Getting an R-Rated Reboot?

Go Go ask your parents if you can watch this show. 

Even though we’re getting a gritty, live-action film reboot of Power Rangers next month, that isn’t stopping one producer from making plans for a gritty, animated version of the franchise. 

In an interview with Polygon, film producer and human raccoon Adi Shankar revealed plans to create a violent animated series based off the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“It’s a complete retelling of the first three seasons,” Shankar said. “And it’s going to be really f-ing dark. Darker than any other Power Rangers series.”

This is a lot to unpack, especially when you consider Shankar produced the awesome fan film Power/Rangers, an already dark interpretation of the franchise. 

Shankar is currently writing the series, and hopes to have it launch in the next 18 months. He also hopes Netflix would pick up the series, who is currently working with for the recently announced Castlevania animated series. 

“We’re going to focus on the beats of what made each show great and turn that into one, entirely new Power Rangers series,” added Shankar.

While it seems like this series is very early in development, assuming it actually happens, but we’re not entirely sure if dark is the right direction to take for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This is a goofy, campy series that has endured as long as it has because it is so goofy and campy. However, maybe dark and gritty is a viable interpretation for this property, so we’ll wait till the film comes out next month before we make any more assumptions. 


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