Nightwing Casting Announcement Could be Coming in February

Who would be a better Dick Grayson, Nick Jonas or Zac Efron?

It appears that good news just keeps coming from director Chris McKay in regards to the Nightwing film. Granted, the news that LEGO Batman director would be in charge of the film is in of itself fantastic news but the fact that the director is actively engaging with social media means good things are on the way here. On Twitter, the director tweeted, “I would expect to be able to tell you more concrete info on our movies progress around February.” So the question is, who will be our Richard “Dick” Grayson?


There is widespread speculation all over the internet that actor Zac Efron is the favored actor for the role of what many would consider Batman’s greatest disciple yet. Sure, the actor did star in Disney Channel’s High School Musical series, but the actor actually hated it and since then he has starred in many films with a surprising amount of acting talent. Nonetheless, there are several other actors like Supernatural star Jared Padalecki, Finn Wittrock, and Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery. There are also rumors that Dev Patel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are in the running for the role as well.

That said, there is one celebrity who has gained popularity over the last few weeks, singer Nick Jonas. The singer was just as surprised as you may be, saying in an interview with Comic Book, “I would… I’d be super down for this. I didn’t know there were people vying for me to play this role but keep the chatter alive people! If you vote for me, maybe they’ll cast me in it! And then, I don’t know, I’ll thank you all later.”

While we still don’t know who stars in the film that isn’t the only mysterious news, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not Nightwing will take place in the DC Extended Universe. With Chris McKay in the director’s chair, you can’t help but think that the man would add some touches to the film which is well needed in the DCEU as a whole.


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