‘Logan’ Deleted Scene set up Sabretooth Easter Egg

The length of the Logan and scheduling conflicts prevented a Sabertooth cameo from happening.

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n a strange turn of events, one of the deleted scenes from Logan recently made its way around the internet a few days ago before Fox was able to block it due to copyright claims. The deleted scene showcased the one character everyone felt was missing from the film, Logan’s brother Victor Creed aka Sabertooth.

The deleted scene shows Logan talking to one of the mutant children, Bobby, where he confirms that Sabertooth was, in fact, real and then proceeds to describe an important moment from X-Men Origins: Wolverine where both himself and Sabertooth underwent experiments that were akin to what Bobby, Laura, and the rest of the kids had experienced.

It is odd that director James Mangold had the deleted scene removed from the film considering the deleted scene would be quite fitting for Logan. Then again, perhaps Mangold wished for Liev Schrieber’s Sabertooth to make a cameo in the film instead but unfortunately, couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts. Nonetheless, the deleted scene is something which fans would have been delighted to see if it was added into the film before its release.


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