Spider-Man: Homecoming Writers will Direct DC’s Flash Standalone Film

DC steals Marvel Studios talent for the greater good of comic book movies.

The writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, are taking part in negotiations with Warners Bros. to direct DC’s latest stand-alone film, Flashpoint. While rumors pointed to Warner Bros. interest in Ben Affleck to direct the film, it appears that has changed and Ben Affleck may or may not play a role as Batman in Flashpoint.

Warner Bros. Flash standalone film became Flashpoint after the unveiling at the San Diego Comic-Con back in summer of 2017. If the standalone film is to follow what took place in the animated film Flashpoint, we could see big changes coming to the DC Extended Universe. Just what that means for Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and the rest remains to be seen.


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