Horror Game ‘Dead by Daylight’ has a Procedurally Generated World

‘Death is not an escape.’

[toggler title=”TL;DR” ]The multiplayer game Dead by Daylight pits four human would-be survivors against a fiendish killer, in a ‘deadly game of cat and mouse.’ Each round has a procedurally generated world, which completely changes the environment every time, giving it a fresh, unpredictable game-play experience. [/toggler]

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he upcoming multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight has caught our attention for all the right reasons.

The good folks behind the game are Starbreeze studios and Behaviour Interactive, who describe it as a ‘deadly game of cat and mouse,’ which will pit four human would-be survivors against a crazed killer.

The killer comes in the shape of a variety of monsters and figures from horror movies and pop-culture, and we’re intrigued to know just who, or what, will be included.

Now, if you catch yourself thinking ‘this has been done before, what makes this so different?’ Well, you’re right, but thanks to the game’s Steam page, there’s a good answer to that question.

One of the main aspects which makes Dead by Daylight stand out is that it has a procedurally generated world. This means that each and every time you load up a new round, the environment and surroundings will be different, giving it a fresh, expect-the-unexpected element:

The asymmetry, procedural factors and unique thinking of human individuals make each Dead by Daylight match an unexpected scenario where the combined behavior of each player creates a truly terrifying and thrilling narrative.

This will certainly add a rich additional layer to the game-play experience.

There will also be different points of view depending on which role you’re playing. So if you’re the monster out to kill, you’ll have a first person perspective, and if you’re the victim out to survive, you’ll have a third person view; giving advantages and disadvantageous to each side.

Each killer has unique skills and abilities for you to exploit as you so wish, and you can learn and adapt to the ‘home’ environment of your fiend to effectively hunt down your prey.

The poor victims hoping to survive the beast that lurks around each corner has to adapt to the new environments quickly, and hope to outwit their hunter and make fast decisions to keep out of the evil monsters clutches. Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it?

The game also promises a vast array of unlockables and progressions, allowing players to improve their skills and better their tactics for future slash-fests.

It’s shaping up to be quite different from your run-of-the-mill hunt and be hunted multiplayer game.

The intelligent, diverse environments, and wealth of choice, means this game has all the potential of being a very fun, out-of-the-ordinary horror game, and one that will undoubtedly be hugely entertaining to play with a group of friends.

You can check out the below video diary, and get more of a taster of the game from the team behind it:

No release date has been announced, but you can check out more about the game on their new website here.


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