Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will have Five Post-Credits Scenes

The Galaxy Expands

It’s practically become tradition in today’s time that whenever Marvel releases a new film, fans wait in excitement after the credits for another new exclusive scene. The most we have ever yet to see was two post credit scenes where one would depict/give us knowledge of a new upcoming film/sequel, or just an extra scene basically for fun. Now however, writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 James Gunn, is going to be increasing the excitement but including five post-credits scenes in total.

Three of the post-credit scenes are funny, joyful short little scenes, one is more substantial, and the final one is a surprise you’ll have to see when the film hits theaters next month. You will definitely want to pay attention to the “very fun” credits, to make sure to catch the surprises Gunn has laid in the Marvel film for fans. The blockbuster film is set to release May 5th, and is sure to make Marvel fans worldwide overjoyed with the return of the Guardians back on the big screen once more.

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