Disney Streaming Service On the Way, will be “substantially cheaper” Than Netflix, Says CEO

“It will be substantially below Netflix because we’ll have substantially less volume.”

Disney has announced that they will be releasing their yet to be named streaming service sometime in 2019 with the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, claiming that it will be “substantially cheaper” than Netflix. The CEO broke the news during an investor’s call but didn’t give that many specific details, although it is expected that four live-action series (think Star Wars, High School Musical, Monsters, Inc. and Marvel) will be released exclusively for the streaming platform are in development and will be exclusive to the streaming platform.

“We’ve given a lot of thought to pricing,” Iger said. “I can’t get specific with you yet, because we haven’t determined it yet. It will be substantially below Netflix because we’ll have substantially less volume. I don’t want to say we’re going to walk before we run, but production will ramp up over time with spending. We’re continuing to increase the content offering and we’re seeing that reflected in viewing around the world.”

In other words, the streaming service will offer 500 films from the Disney library and 7,000 episodes from Disney TV at the beginning of its release. But as time goes on and more content is added, you can expect Disney’s exclusive streaming service to increase in cost just like Netflix as done over the years.


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