Dragon Ball FighterZ has Been Modded to Include More Classic Character Skins

PC players have already begun to dig around in the game files and make some neat changes that see new character designs for some of your favorite Z-Fighters and series villains. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been out for just a couple of weeks now and it is taking the fighting community by storm. The new title from ArcSys is getting a lot of attention and a whole new fanbase of anime/Dragon Ball fans who want to join the fighting community. With a roster that consists of many characters which would entice or please most, some fans are taking it upon themselves to make some necessary cosmetic changes to some of the playable fighters. 

Vegeta, for example, is seen in the video above and screenshot below in his Saiyan armor that he wore when he was first introduced into the series, and yes, it comes with an Arlia color variant. SS3 Goku is now playable all the time rather than for transformations and ultimate combo attacks, and even a non-Super Gotenks is playable with the right modifications. 

Some players suggested that these cosmetic forms would be available as future DLC, with rumors circulating that the game files revealed Cooler, Vegeta in Saiyan Armor (just like the mod), and several others. Leave it to the gaming community to be impatient and add some of these character variants on their own, right?



Another modded version of the game shows off Gotenks in his non-Super form along with Frieza at full power and bulked up with bulging veins all over his body as well as SS3 Goku (who is playable in a transformation and combos, but this mod lets you play as SS3 Goku for the full duration of the fight).


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