Crunchyroll Hits a Whopping 1 Million Subscribers

Yay Anime!

The anime streaming service Crunchyroll just hit a major milestone, as the platform now has over 1 million paid subscribers. 

“Crunchyroll achieved record growth in 2016, charting a 36 percent increase in paid subscribers in the last 12 months,” revealed the company in a press release. 

Polygon has visualized this incredible growth in the graph below. 

2016 was a huge year for Crunchyroll, as the service added popular anime like the simulcast of Dragon Ball Super, Yuri On Ice (shout out to Heather), and old classics like Cowboy Bebop

We remember not so long ago having to scour the web for anime that hadn’t aired on program blocks like Toonami, but Crunchyroll has made accessing and watching anime an easy and convenient experience. 

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*(GeekOutpost is not affiliated with Crunchyroll, we just think it’s cool.) 


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