Bethesda Studios May or May Not Be Working on a Game of Thrones RPG Title

With Season 7 having just wrapped up for the popular HBO series, fans are rallying behind recent talks of a possible GoT game title that could be in the works. 

It wont be until 2019 before we see another new episode of HBO’s smash-hit series, but that won’t stop various outlets from bringing about new stories, details, and possibly even video games related to Game of Thrones before then. 

The news first broke when a NeoGAF forum user noticed of a Target post (shown below) that depicts a relation between Bethesda and Game of Thrones. Not much more to it than that, although this is not the first time the internet has caught wind of a possible video game based around the world of Westeros. 

Rumors began circulating back in June before E3 around several big titles from Bethesda, including Skyrim VR, Fallout VR, Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch, as well as early stages of pre-production on Elder Scrolls VI and even VII. Among those rumors, a few of which turned out to be revealed at E3, was a space-shooter called Starfield, which took place within the same universe as Fallout and Elder Scrolls (yes, Fallout and Elder Scrolls too are within the same universe). The timeline suggests that Fallout takes place many many years before Elder Scrolls, with Starfield being after the events of Fallout and before Elder Scrolls. Among these rumored titles was also a Game of Thrones RPG title that allegedly landed smack-dab in the middle of Bethesda Studio’s lap.

Nothing has been confirmed up until now, however the timing does prove to be rather curious. However, it is possible that these rumors are nothing more than that, but with the immense popularity of the series booming more than ever, and just one final season to go, it would not come as any surprise that Game of Thrones sticks around for years to come in the form of a massive RPG title. We just hope Bethesda is the team to do it. And if not, Rockstar will be hearing from us. 


What we wouldn’t give to pal around Westeros with this guy. 



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