Attack on Titan 2 Video Game coming to North America, PS4, PC, Switch

The sequel game to the popular AoT title is coming to the United States, Switch confirmed. 

During the events at Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo confirmed that Attack on Titan 2 will indeed becoming to the Nintendo Switch, though likely as a port from the PS4. AoT2 was already confirmed on PS4 and PC via Steam back in August, but now Nintendo’s Switch console is added to the list of available platforms. Xbox One pre-orders have also appeared on various gaming retailers as well, suggesting that AoT2 will likely be available on all major gaming systems. 


AoT2 will have significant changes over the 2016 title, including an increased roster of playable characters, enhanced combat maneuverability, and exhilarating Titan battles. Attack on Titan 2 is said to cover the events of the second season of the anime, so if you pick this game up before watching it, you may ruin some major spoilers for yourself. 


Attack on Titan 2 the game releases in March of 2018. 


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