Rumors Coming Suggest Ben Affleck May Leave Batman/DC Entirely

The Batman is falling apart and Affleck might just walk away from the project.

[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hile it may appear that The Batman is still moving forward the project is in fact crumbling and Ben Affleck can only do so much to hold it together. After stating that he would be directing the film himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the actor stepped down from the position as director earlier this week. Not only that, but rumors are starting to spread that the actor has passed off on the script as well and has left it to Geoff Johns, who has been co-writing with him. 

Ben Affleck has invested a lot of time into not only The Batman but the DC films as well. Between May 2014 and October of 2016, Ben Affleck was involved in shooting three different DCU movies while working on the script for The Batman. That is quite a lot of work and when you add in Live By Night’s failed reception with critics and how poorly it did at the box office the actor is no doubt under an immense amount of stress. When you compile all of this together it seems that the rumor, and it is nothing more than a rumor, of Ben Affleck walking away from The Batman and the DC films entirely is understandable.


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