Adventure Time is getting an Open World Pirate Game for PS4, XBO, PC, and Switch

An open world game taking place in the land of Ooo is finally happening!

Pirates of the Enchiridion features all of your favorite Adventure Time characters, particularly with Jake and Finn seeing through a dangerous flood in the land of Ooo. The open world time will provide players with an all new story with unique combat and progression systems in a visual style that resembles the animated series. Additionally, and perhaps the biggest highlight, is that the will feature the original voice cast well to add a special sense of authenticity to gameplay. 

Players will need to “set sail on the seas of Ooo and find the dingwad responsible!” for the flooded lands with the help of BMO, Jake and Finn, respectively. 

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion is set to release this spring 2018.


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